GOG’s New Client Looks To Get Rid of All These Damn Launchers

Galaxy 2.0 might actually bloody simplify PC launchers.


The PC storefront GOG is in the process of upgrading its Galaxy client to version 2.0, and they’re planning to do so in a big way. The new version of the client intends to integrate your games and friends list across PC and console platforms to a create a one-stop shop for all things gaming. GOG themselves are hailing it as “the all-in-one solution for the present-day gamer”, which is certainly a lot to live up to.

Players will be able to import their game collections from both PC and consoles, though obviously you’ll only be able to launch PC games through this client. It won’t be capable of miracles, after all. No confirmed list of platforms have emerged, but you have to expect at least Steam, the Epic Games Store and Origin to be supported, and you’ll be able to access your achievements and hours played.

Galaxy 2.0 will also look to corral all your friends together across those multiple storefronts, displaying cross platform achievements, milestones and other newsworthy aspects on one single activity feed. There are also plans for one unified friend list and cross-platform chat, though this’ll be further down the line after the client launches.

There’s more details over on the official site, if you’re interested, and you’re able to register for the closed beta right now, though there’s no solid date for the beta yet. Are you interested in what GOG are offering in Galaxy 2.0? Sound off in the comments.

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