Gears 5 Multiplayer Tech Test Available To All Gold Members This Weekend

More players, more fun.

Gears 5

The Gears 5 Multiplayer Tech Test kicked off last weekend, allowing Xbox Game Pass subscribers to experience some of the multiplayer modes that’ll be coming with the game when it launches on September 10th. This weekend, the test will be live once again, but this time will be available to all Xbox Live Gold Members.

You can install the test right now in preparation for it to go live tomorrow, July 26th at 6pm BST/10am PT, and the test will run until Monday, July 29th at the same time. As part of the test, you can get acquainted with the gameplay with the Boot Camp tutorial mode. Well, as acquainted as you can get before you start playing online and get wall bounced by people who’ve been playing since Gears of War 1.

The Tech Test will include 3 modes. The casual friendly Arcade mode sees each character have their own loadout and skills, with kills allowing you to purchase better weapons. King of the Hill is about what you’d expect, while Escalation is the competitive mode where players have limited respawns and compete for control over objectives. Will you be playing the Gears 5 Tech Test this weekend? Sound off in the comments.

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