GameStop Shares Plummet Following Xbox Game Pass Reveal

Final GameStop logo

The relationship between video game retailers and publishers has been strained for a long time. They both need each other, but they don’t always see eye-to-eye.

GameStop, who have a habit of annoying publishers, have cause for concern after the announcement of the Xbox Game Pass. Even though the long-term future of the service doesn’t necessarily suggest that this is how all games will be sold in the years to come, it hasn’t stopped the retailer’s shares from dropping by 8%.

The concern is that with the new Game Pass, pre-owned games will slowly be phased out or simply not turn as much profit. Although titles like Halo 5, Saints Row IV and a few others have only been announced so far, it seems to have spooked shareholders.

Xbox Game Pass

From $10 a month, Xbox One owners can play a variety of games, including relatively new releases and backwards compatible titles. It’s similar to EA Access and avoids the downfall of PlayStation Now by allowing gamers to download games instead of streaming them.

GameSpot are likely to bounce back from this, however. When EA Access was unveiled, a similar drop in shares happened, but they eventually recovered. If they don’t, though, expect to get $4 and a slice of bread for your copy of Air Raid from now on.

Game Pass is currently available to testers and will be rolled out later this Spring for all.

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