Fortnite Shadows Rising Pack Available Now


As has become Fortnite tradition as a new season starts to wrap up, a new limited edition bundle of skins (or should that be “reskins”?) has dropped, giving you three skins at one decent price. For Fortnite Season 9, that special pack is the Shadows Rising Pack.

Retailing at £15.99/$19.99, the Shadows Rising Pack comes with three variants on fan favourite skins we’ve already seen. The theme of these skins is, weirdly enough, shadows — you would think it would be neon to tie in with the season theme, but I digress.

You buy Shadows Rising directly from the store section where you also buy V-Bucks; you may also be able to on your respective console storefronts.

Fortnite Screenshot 2019.06.27 -

Here is what you get for your money:

– Shadow Skully outfit
– Stark Satchel back bling
– Shadowbird outfit
– Shadowbird wings back bling
– Perfect Shadow outfit
– Perfect Wings back bling
– Array wrap

In terms of value, you’re getting a pretty good deal here if you missed out on the skins the first time around. If these were to be released individually in the Item Shop, the actual price would be significantly higher than what it is, so it’s one of the better deals you will come across if you want cheap Fortnite skins.

There’s no end date on this promotion, but they tend to stick around for upwards of two weeks and can even come back, as proven with Frozen Legends. This is the third pack of its ilk in Fortnite, following the aforementioned Frozen Legends and Lava Legends.

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