Fortnite Season X Road Trip: Visit Drift Durrr Burger Head, Dinosaur & Stone Head Statue

Starting Season X off with a bang.

Fortnite Season X (10) has arrived and with it an entire revamping of the weekly challenge system. In its stead is something called ‘missions’. Missions function very similar to the old challenges, in that they release a set of them every week. However, instead of just receiving the seven usual per week, you receive a set of ‘themed’ challenges. The major difference is that you’re not given all the challenges at once, you must complete the ones given to you to unlock later challenges in the set. The challenges themselves are – so far – fairly similar to ones we’ve received in the past, just reorganised and repackaged.

Season X released with three sets of challenges, Road Trip, Level-Headed and Rumble Royale. This challenge is part of the Road Trip set and sticking to the theme, wants you to go on a road trip to visit three different landmarks. The three landmarks in question are: The Drift painted Durrr Burger head, a dinosaur and a stone head statue. These landmarks have all been in the game since before Season X dropped, so veteran players will have a bit of an edge here.


Landmark Map

Fortnite Season 10 road trip

The Drift painted Durrr Burger head is circled in red, the dinosaur is circled in blue and the stone statue head is circled in orange.

As you can see, all the landmarks are relatively spread out around the map, reinforcing that road trip theme. The landmarks can be visited in separate matches, rather than a single match, so – thankfully – you don’t actually have to go on an actual road trip around the entire map to complete this challenge.


Drift Painted Durrr Burger Head

Fortnite Season 10 Road Trip Durrr

The Drift painted Durrr Burger head is a rather old landmark, being present since the Season 5 additions. You can find it directly east of Pleasant Park, perched atop a small hill that overlooks Loot Lake. You’ll find it at D3 on the main map’s grid, amidst a few rifts.



Fortnite dinosaurs

The Dinosaur is also another Season 5 change that was introduced with the desert biome. If you follow the highway directly south out of Paradise Palms, you’ll come across a small tourist attraction made up of a metal Brontosaurus, Triceratops and T-rex. You’ll find it at I9 on the main map’s grid.


Stone Head Statue

Stone Head Fortnite

The final landmark, the stone head statue is also another Season 5 addition, just altered in the Season 7 snow biome changes. There is a giant frozen lake directly north of Polar Peak (the remnants of Greasy Grove), slightly to the northeast of this you will find the stone head statue perched atop a small hill. You’ll find it at C6 on the main map’s grid.


Durrr, Dino & Stone Head Locations Video Guide

Once you’ve visited all three landmarks (you can visit them in any order), you’ll have completed this challenge. Completing this challenge is necessary if you want to make steps towards obtaining the ‘Atmosphere’ back bling and the ‘Catalyst Riftstorm’ recolour. These are the two major rewards for completing major milestones in the Road Trip series of challenges.

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