Fortnite Season X Blockbuster: Consume Fruit, Mushrooms, Or Glitched Foraged Items Locations


Fortnite Coconut

Fortnite Season X, Week 5 has arrived, signifying our entrance into the halfway point of the season. Week 5’s mission is called ‘Blockbuster’ and compared to last week’s offering, is a blockbuster indeed. Challenges are much more interesting and involved, being one of the more densely packed weeks challenge wise since Week 1.

This guide focuses on both the normal and prestige versions of the challenge as they’re basically identical in their requests. The normal version of this challenge requires you consume ten fruit, mushrooms or ‘glitched foraged items’. Fruit items in this case can include: Apples, Bananas, Chillies, Coconuts. Mushrooms are, well, mushrooms and glitched foraged items can be found in a very specific location west of Tilted, east of Snobby Shores, where the old soccer stadium used to be.

Below is a map with the fruit, mushroom and glitched item spawn locations circled.


Fruit, Mushrooms And Glitched Foraged Items Map

Fortnite Foraged Items

As there are so many different types of consumables, we’ve colour coded their spawn locations. Apples are circled in red, bananas are circled in yellow, chillies are circled in purple, coconuts are circled in brown, the mushrooms are circled in blue and the glitched foraged items are circled in pink.

This isn’t a complete list of all their spawns, but this shows the majority of their locations, which are spread out around the map. The highest concentration of spawns appears to be the jungle however, containing a copious amount of banana and coconut spawns.



Fortnite Apples

Apples (circled in red on the map) will restore five health to the player and predominantly spawn towards the centre and central south region (the grassland biome), especially around Fatal Fields. Apples are probably the worst item to forage for as they won’t be consumed unless you’re damaged, which means you’ll need to injure yourself to eat them. But more importantly they don’t seem to spawn in densely packed groups, their spawns can be quite spread out and they’re difficult to spot. I’d recommend avoiding.



Fortnite Bananas

Bananas (circled in yellow on the map) function exactly like apples do, restoring five health to the player, but tend to spawn in the jungle region only. Sunny Steps and Lazy Lagoon contain an abundant amount of bananas in their vicinity. These are slightly better to pursue for completing this challenge as they tend to spawn more in a clump than apples, and are far easier to spot and spawn near coconuts.



Fortnite chillies

Chillies (circled in purple on the map), will give your character a speed boost when consumed and do not require you to be damaged in anyway to use them. Chillies primarily spawn in the southeastern area of the map, scattered around the desert. These are a fairly good item to chase if you’re aiming to complete the prestige challenge, as the speed boost helps you move between spawns. They’re easier to spot than apples, but more difficult to spot than bananas.



Fortnite coconuts

Coconuts (circled in brown) are the most unique of the bunch and give your character five shields upon consumption. At first glance it looks like they have the most spawns, occupying large swathes of the desert and jungle zones. However, they don’t spawn on the floor like the other foragable items, instead they can be spawned by knocking down specific trees (pictured above). Either type of this tree has a chance (we estimate around a 25% spawn chance) of spawning a coconut when you cut it down. This is likely one of the safer options to farm for as there is no shortage of trees to knock down for coconuts, but it can be a bit time consuming.


SeasoN X Mushrooms

Mushrooms (circled in blue) grant shields upon consumption and tend to congregate mostly around the northwest section of the map, in the forests. Mushrooms mostly spawn in the shade of trees and tend to have numerous spawns all close to one another. As they restore shields and tend to have numerous close spawn locations, this is one of the better choices for completing the prestige challenge. We have a guide dedicated specifically to mushrooms, thanks to the Week 3 challenge.


Glitched Foraged Items

Glitched foraged items can be found where the old soccer stadium used to be (circled in pink). Directly west of Tilted and east of Snobby Shores was once a small town in which the main attraction was a large indoor soccer stadium. Currently however, the entire town has been ‘removed’ by a Rift Zone leaving behind an empty slab of dirt which a few pipes sticking out.

This slab of dirt will have items scattered about it, that will take the form of numerous consumables (some from seasons long past). These consumables will ‘glitch’ shift into other consumables every so often and will bestow the effect of whatever form they’re presenting at the time. You can find these items at C5 on the main map’s grid.

Now that you know where most of the spawns are and what most of the items do, we suggest the jungle biome as the best option for completing both versions of this challenge. Coconuts restore shields and are easy to find if you knockdown enough trees, you can then use this wood to build a ramp to damage yourself and heal up using the bananas.

We suggest avoiding the glitched items as the only place to track them down is the old soccer stadium town. The competition will be fierce, there is no cover and this is the only real place to track them down, which will attract even more competition.

Completing the normal version of this challenge will bring you closer to unlocking the Renegade Rollers pickaxe skin. Completing the Prestige version will bring you closer to unlocking the Wildstyle skin recolour for the Teknique skin.

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