Fortnite Season 9 Fortbyte #77: Found Within A Track Side Taco Shop

Everything you need to know for Fortbyte #77.

Fortbyte 77

Introduced at the start of Season 9, Fortnite’s Fortbytes (hey that rhymes) are designed to keep players coming back each day with rewards for finding hidden objects across the map. Some of them are based on completing your weekly Battle Pass challenges, but the majority of them to date are scavenger hunts, not unlike those we used to see as part of the weekly challenges. Fortbyte #77 asks you to find a Fortbyte Found Within A Track Side Taco Shop.

Getting Fortbytes can help you unlock extra skin styles, pickaxes and even emotes, but each unlocked Fortbyte also goes towards unlocking a mysterious Loading Screen. The relevance of this has yet to be revealed, but Epic wouldn’t make you go through this much effort just for a bog standard Loading Screen, surely. It depicts Bunker Jonesy and etchings on a wall, so who knows what the final image will be.

Each new Fortbyte unlocks at 2PM BST daily. If you’re wondering how to get the Fortbyte Found Within A Track Side Taco Shop, here’s everything you ought to know for Fortnite Season 9.


Fortbyte #77: Found Within A Track Side Taco Shop Map Location

Fortbyte 77

Fortbyte #77 might become immediately obvious to anyone who remembers the heady days of Season 5 of Fortnite. If you go over to the racetrack in the desert biome directly north of Paradise, you will find a small taco shop far away from everything else. I7 on the Fortnite map.


Fortbyte #77: Found Within A Track Side Taco Shop

Fortbyte 77

Simply drop in to the Taco shop and find the Fortbyte within the kitchen. Simply interact with it and that’s another Fortbyte ticked off your list. No special requirements this time.

You may find one or two chests in the area, but the racetrack is generally quite a poor place to land for loot. You may want to slink away to that nearby Sky Platform, that is if you get out of here alive with everyone looking to get the Fortbyte.

Fortbyte #77: Found Within A Track Side Taco Shop Video Guide

As you can see, Fortbyte #77 is yet another intriguing Fortbyte that’s designed to make you explore the map a little more than you normally would. We’re currently in the third week of Fortnite Season 9, so don’t be surprised to see more Fortbyte challenges that require you to use items from a higher level on your Battle Pass as the weeks go by.

Speaking of which, we’ve compiled a comprehensive Fortbyte location guide if you have some Fortbytes left to tick off your list.

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