Fortnite Season 7 Live Event Destroys Risky Reels, Replaces It With The Block

Fortnite Season 7 has claimed another casualty with Risky Reels being destroyed in favour of The Block.

You might have thought that Epic blew their load on Fortnite announcements after Season 7 and the new Creative Mode, but if Epic Games have proved anything, it’s that there’s never enough new Fortnite content. Besides, it wouldn’t be a new Season without a new live event, after all.

Donald Mustard was speaking at The Game Awards when he cut to the live event in Fortnite Season 7. Before you even knew what was happening, a giant slab of concrete descended on Risky Reels and left something called “The Block” in its place.

This will tie in to Fortnite’s new Creative mode and will be a space in which players will be able to show off their creations. More information on this will be released soon, though it did already happen before Donald showed up at TGA, so that’s a bit awkward.

Epic have revealed more on the official Fortnite blog:

It’s time to kickoff a #FortniteBlockParty! The most exciting and imaginative islands built in Creative will be featured on the “The Block” in the Battle Royale map. Can you create something that will inspire the world? Will you become Fortnite Famous?

The Block is a new feature that will improve and evolve over time. Please report any technical issues you run into and we’ll get them fixed.

To kick things off, we’re going to provide a few guidelines to make the submission process smooth. Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • 25×25 tile area on a flat section of your island. It’s very important that your creations can fit nicely on The Block.
  • Try to keep your ‘Memory Used’ less than 50,000.  Efficiency is just as important as creativity!
  • Chests, floor loot and vehicle spawns will be determined by Epic. No need to include these.

That’s it! Other than the above requirements, any creation that respects our Creative code of conduct is fair game. We encourage you to share your creations with your friends and on social media using the #FortniteBlockParty. We’ll be looking closely at social for candidates.

The Block Party begins now… start building!

This game is out of goddamn control. First Greasy Grove, and now Risky?

The Game Awards 2018 is currently underway, here’s a quick FAQ. You can catch our live blog and all the winners here.

Additional reporting by Ashley Bates

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