The Game Awards 2018: Game Reveals, Start Time & Where To Watch It

Everything you need to know for The Game Awards 2018, including where you can watch it and at what time.

red dead

The second biggest gaming event of the year after E3 is upon us: The Game Awards 2018. Becoming more and more like the gaming industry’s version of the Oscars with each passing year, this year’s event promises to be the biggest one yet with a tonne of reveals in the pipeline. And also awards, just in case you forgot that that is what this show is supposed to be about.

With a tonne of gongs to give out and hopefully eccentric developers making Geoff Keighley break out in a cold sweat to look forward to, here’s everything you need to know about The Game Awards 2018, including where you can watch it and when it starts.


When Does The Game Awards 2018 Begin?

God of War Boss fight

The Game Awards 2018 will emanate from kicks off on Thursday December 6th, 2018 for some viewers but in the early hours of Friday December 7th for others due to timezones.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

Thursday December 6th
– 17:30 PT
– 20:30 EST
– 19:30 CST

Friday December 7th
– 1:30 GMT

For a full rundown of all of the timezone differences, be sure to use this handy tool or through the official The Game Awards FAQ.


Where Can I Watch The Game Awards 2018?

Red Dead Redemption 2

As you might expect, there’s no shortage of places to watch The Game Awards this year. We’ve embedded the YouTube (4K option available) and Twitch streams below so you can return here on the day itself to watch it if you wish.

Alternatively, The Game Awards has partnered with a heap of publications –such as IGN– to provide streams for the event, but they did not ask us to take part — next year, eh, Geoff? You will also be able to watch the event from your PS4 or Xbox One with other platforms, like Caffeine, Mixer, and Facebook Live, also presenting The Game Awards.


What are the awards at The Game Awards 2018?


There are countless categories at The Game Awards this year, which include:

– Game of the Year
– Best Ongoing Game
– Best Game Direction
– Best Narrative
– Best Art Direction
– Best Score
– Best Audio Design
– Best Performance
– Games For Impact
– Best Independent Game
– Best Mobile Game
– Best VR Game
– Best Action Game

And many, many more.

The most illustrious category for many this year will be the Game of the Year award, which features Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, Celeste, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Monster Hunter: World. Most believe that the fight will come down to Red Dead Redemption and God of War with the two games getting the highest ratings of any game in 2018 on Metacritic.


Which game reveals will be at The Game Awards 2018?

Crash Team Racing

Now we get into the spicy stuff, the reveals that arguably overshadow the purpose of the event itself: giving out awards. There isn’t a lot of confirmed info so far, but there are plenty of rumours floating around, some substantiated and some utterly not. Here’s what we know so far.

– The Last of Us 2 will not be shown in any capacity.

Clever marketing suggests we’ll be seeing Crash Team Racing given a fresh lick of paint at The Game Awards this year.

Obsidian will be presenting something new that they are currently teasing. The RPG-centric studio had recently been acquired by Microsoft.

– A Metroid Prime trilogy collection might be confirmed at TGA, if this Swedish store is to be believed.

– Despite constant rumours, a Rocksteady Superman game is reportedly not in development and won’t be shown at The Game Awards.

– Cyberpunk 2077 will be absent from TGA 2018.

– The Russo Brothers will be at The Game Awards 2018, presumably to drop the trailer for Avengers 4 or give an update on Squenix’s Avengers game, or maybe even both.

– A new Alien game (possibly connected to Kojima) may be announced, though this may be a reach.

– A new Dragon Age game is reportedly going to be announced, even though we are a long way away from the game releasing.

– Epic Games will have something to announce that is not connected to either Fortnite’s Season 7 launch or its Creative mode.

– A post-apocalyptic Far Cry game will be detailed further after a quick tease.

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