Fortnite: Land A Choppa At The Bottom Of Steamy Stacks

Get to the meme.

Choppa Steamy Stacks

Fortnite Season 3’s third week offers plenty of changes to the map, but most importantly of all there are some new challenges to wade through. One such challenge asks you to Land A Choppa At The Bottom Of Steamy Stacks.

You are no doubt aware of Choppas by now, which were added during Season 2 of Chapter 2. Those Steamy Stacks refers to the giant, hollow towers at the Named Location itself. Think of Homer’s job in The Simpsons and you have the right idea.

With Week 3, Steamy Stacks itself has seen its water levels lower, so expect plenty of people there as the map continues to uncover. Seeing as how there’s another challenge here to eliminate players, you may as well kill two birds with one stone.

Here’s what you need to know to Land A Choppa At The Bottom Of Steamy Stacks.


Choppa and Steamy Stacks Location

Choppa Steamy Stacks
Choppa Steamy Stacks
Choppa Steamy Stacks
Choppa Steamy Stacks

We have circled the recommended Choppa in yellow, and the actual Steamy Stacks themselves in red.

We recommend that you drop at The Yacht as quick as you can and then steal the Choppa, making your way east towards Steamy Stacks. It’s quick journey that is mainly over the ocean, so there’s little chance of getting shot out.

When you arrive at the POI, simply hover over the opening at the top of Steamy Stacks and then continually go downwards — the input to descend depends on your platform, but it’s right click on PC.

You only need to do this once, so simply land at the bottom of Steamy Stacks and then claim your 35,000 XP. This is a far, far easier challenge than the Floating Rings, but good luck getting to a Choppa before everyone else.

If you need a bit more help, be sure to check out our video guide at the top of the page.

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