Fortnite Iris Pack Available Now (UPDATED)

Another chance to fill out your Locker on the cheap.

Fortnite Iris skin
Fortnite Iris skin

Even though the new season of Fortnite has only just begun, you best believe that we have a brand new Starter Pack available for purchase, this time by the name of The Iris Pack.

Previously thought to be a Samsung exclusive skin, Iris is instead available to all players for a lower than usual price alongside some V-Bucks. If you live in New Zealand, you can pick her up right now from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store; nothing yet on the Nintendo eShop. She will be rolled out worldwide when the clock strikes midnight wherever you are with the release being February 25th everywhere.

Costing £3.99/€4.99/$4.99 USD USD in terms of price, here’s what The Iris Pack looks like on the New Zealand PlayStation Store.

Fortnite Iris Pack
Fortnite Iris Pack

As well as a closer look at everything within the Starter Pack.

Fortnite Iris skin
Fortnite Iris skin

And everything that you get within the pack:

– 600 V-Bucks
– Iris Outfit (includes additional style)
– Roundabout Back Bling
– Pop Axe Pickaxe

Iris is the latest in a long line of Starter Packs in Fortnite, the previous one being Wavebreaker, an another female skin that was available for the majority of Season 1 of Chapter 2. You also get a Back Bling and a Pickaxe with Iris, making it an even more affordable pickup. Really, the V-Bucks on their own are a really good saving.

Starter Packs regularly provide good value for money, it giving you a usually good skin for cheaper than what you would in the Item Shop, as well as some V-Bucks for you to put towards other purchases. The skin this time out is not bad at all, though it doesn’t exactly stray far from the “slender female with colourful hair” archetype that so many of Fortnite’s skins consist of now.

Still, the Starter Packs are immensely popular, every single one released in 2019 going on to be the best-selling DLC on the PlayStation Store that year. Will Iris go on to top the charts for the end of 2020?

UPDATE: Iris is now available worldwide across all platforms.

Iris pack
Iris pack

Fortnite: Chapter 2 – Season 2 is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. It recently launched into its second season of Chapter 2, which introduced a secret agent theme and a fair few changes to the map.

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