Fire Emblem Engage: How To Change Outfit

Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, it’s possible to change the main protagonist’s clothing as well as all available characters. There is a huge variety of outfits and accessories that can be bought or unlocked as you progress through the game. To alter Alear or any other party member’s appearance, here’s how to change your outfit in Fire Emblem Engage.


How To Unlock the Boutique

Fire Emblem Engage

In order to begin changing outfits and accessories, you’ll first need to complete the tutorial and several beginning chapters. At the start of Chapter 6, The Boutique will be unlocked. After completing the battle at the end of Chapter 5, you will meet a blacksmith and clothier who unlock weapon upgrading and the Boutique in Somniel.

The clothier, named Pinet, will enable players to buy new outfits, swimwear, hair accessories and glasses amongst others. This is where you need to be in order to change clothing and accessories.

By approaching the Boutique and hitting the interact function, you can then choose a character and decide whether to buy or change clothing.


How To Buy Clothes

Fire Emblem Engage

At the beginning of the story only a few select outfits are available for characters to wear. In the Boutique, many outfits can be purchased and once you have bought one it is unlocked for all characters, although the appearance can vary dependent on age, gender or other factors which may turn them into different colours, for example. Outfits cost Iron, Steel, Silver and Gold coins.

The first outfits available in the game are a swimsuit, a gym outfit, a Japanese apron outfit and a casual dress. If you purchased the expansion pass, you’ll also receive a rare outfit, big hair ribbon, frilled maid ribbon, round glasses and a single earring jewellery accessory.

Progressing through the game’s chapters will unlock more outfits at higher costs, which makes farming currency important if the fashion is one of your favourite aspects of the game.

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