The Evil Within 2 Physical Sales Down Significantly On Original Game

The Evil Within 2 Screenshots

The original The Evil Within was never a blockbuster title. It had its fans (and arguably just as many, if not more, critics), but it sold relatively well enough. Certainly enough to warrant a somewhat unexpected sequel that looked like it would fix some of its predecessor’s mistakes.

Despite being generally better received than the original game, The Evil Within 2 hasn’t hit the mark where physical sales are concerned. It sold less than a quarter than the original did back in 2014, but it’s worth remembering that digital sales are on a constant rise – the gulf may not actually be as large as it looks. The data from Chart-Track also only takes into account console and UK sales.

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Elsewhere, the controversial Middle-earth: Shadow of War was beaten to the top spot by FIFA 18, which is probably going to linger there for the next ten months. Two Forza games claim stakes in the top ten while GTA V, which just refuses to die, clings to seventh place.

The top ten in full:

1. FIFA 18
2. Middle-earth: Shadow of War
3. The Evil Within 2
4. Forza 7
5. Forza Horizon 3
6. Destiny 2
7. GTA V
8. Crash Bandicoot
9. Lego Worlds
10. Lego Ninjago Movie

What do you think is behind The Evil Within 2’s sales drop? Is it purely because of the rise of digital, or is it releasing at too competitive a time? Drop your opinions below.

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