Evil Dead: The Game: Do You Need PlayStation Plus?

Evil Dead game
Evil Dead game

Evil Dead: The Game is the biggest Evil Dead game to date, a multiplayer-centric third-person action game that’s best played online with friends. If you’re on PS5 and PS4, though, do you need PlayStation Plus to be able to play with friends?

The short answer is yes, you need PlayStation Plus on PS5 and PS4 to play Evil Dead: The Game online with friends. This is because Evil Dead: The Game is a premium multiplayer game, and only free-to-play games are also free to play online on PlayStation. No, it doesn’t make much sense.

If you don’t want to stump up the money for a PlayStation Plus subscription, you do have the option of playing the single-player Missions, which is basically like the game’s campaign. These are essentially short levels from famous moments in Evil Dead canon in which you have to relive famous Evil Dead scenes through the lens of Evil Dead: The Game. The gameplay is very stripped back, but it’s still an authentic and fun Evil Dead experience, if a little tough due to the lack of balancing. Completing Missions will also net you unlockables, such as new characters.

There’s also a tutorial that doesn’t require you to play online, but this is obviously very limited.

PlayStation Plus costs £6.99/$9.99 a month, or £49.99/$59.99 a year for the most basic level of Plus that gives you access to Evil Dead: The Game online. Subscribers can also claim “free games” each month to add to their library that they will lose if their subscription lapses, as well as a bunch of other incentives like cloud saves. There is no free trial.

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