Where’s DOOM 2016 On Xbox Game Pass?

It's the only missing DOOM game.

Doom guy
Doom 2016

I love DOOM. Like, really love DOOM. Eternal especially. I don’t get the chance to replay many games due to my general lack of work/life balance, but I think I’ve plunged my Crucible into the Icon of Sin’s head about five times at this point.

I’ve also been using my Series S a little more than usual to catch up on some Game Pass games, rack up some cheesy achievements, that sort of thing. Thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda, I was able to download pretty much every DOOM ever made and take a trip back with the very first game, which somehow hasn’t aged a day. There’s something in its nostalgic appeal and timeless blasting that makes it great to come back to, even years and years later.

I would have loved to do the same for DOOM 2016, a game that basically reinvigorated the franchise after years out in the wilderness. Revered at launch and still beloved almost five years later, I was ready to rip and tear a little slower than I’ve become accustomed to, just to tie the whole package of huge guts together.

However, here’s something weird: DOOM 2016 isn’t on Game Pass. Pretty much every piece of DOOM content you could ever want, including DOOM 64 and add-on support for certain games, is included on Game Pass, yet the 2016 reboot isn’t.

Doom 2016
Doom 2016

DOOM 2016 has been on Game Pass before back in 2018 before it was removed, but you’d think that Bethesda and Microsoft could just bring it back whenever they like, what with the former now being a part of the latter and all. Maybe it’s because the game is a part of PlayStation Now and there’s some exclusivity to uphold, but pretty much every other Bethesda game is on Game Pass, so maybe not.

Having DOOM 2016 on Game Pass just makes sense, and it really sticks out that it isn’t. Personally speaking, I’ve always wondered how it holds up after playing Eternal, and having also now completed Eternal on Xbox after doing so many times on PC (I have a problem), it would be nice to easily move into more DOOM, or have the option of easily go for an entire playthrough of all things DOOM.

Listen, Bethesda and Microsoft, I’m a simple man. I just want to raize Hell and have a dashboard of only DOOM games on my Xbox. Please make it happen. I’ve reached out for some kind of explanation and will update this if I get one.

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