Darwin Project Going Free To Play On Xbox One


Looking for a new Battle Royale game to play? One that’ll offer something unique and interesting in comparison to Fortnite and PUBG? Check out Darwin Project when it goes free to play on July 4th for the Xbox One.

The battle royale game from Scavenger Studio has been free to play on the PC since about April, so it’s a bit of a surprise that it has taken this long for it to follow in those footsteps on the Xbox One. As you can see above, anyone who has already purchased the game will get a Founder’s Pack on July 3rd, which will unlock a host of customisation items.

For the uninitiated, Darwin Project is a ten player battle royale game where you’re dropped into a frozen wasteland and told to fight to the death. The key difference is the inclusion of the Director, who can influence the game however they see fit, either by giving buffs to certain players or just deciding to nuke a section of the map for the hell of it. We had a go of the game when it launched, and found ourselves quite impressed with it. Hopefully, the move to free to play will allow Darwin Project to find a new audience.

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