Capcom Teasing A Retro Announcement For Tomorrow

Is that Alien vs Predator I see?


On their official Facebook page, Capcom have teased an announcement for tomorrow at 3pm GMT with a new video. While the video starts out like it’s an announcement for a new Street Fighter V character, especially with the “Here Comes A New Challenger” tagline, but the truth might be a bit more interesting than that.

The teaser video shows footage of Street Fighter 2, along with games like Alien vs Predator, Darkstalkers and some bullet shooters. It looks likely that Capcom will be announcing some form of retro collection, which hopefully includes the Alien vs Predator beat ’em up, because that was an absolute banger of a game.

It’s also possible that Capcom will be unveiling their own miniaturised console, similar to the likes of Sony, Sega, Nintendo and others who have brought out retro consoles to make the most of that nostalgia dollar. We just hope whatever collection this is includes the Final Fight Trilogy (and not Streetwise), along with Rival Schools and Power Stone, because Capcom don’t seem to be doing anything else with those games.

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