That Call of Duty World War II Game Has Officially Been Announced

It's called Call of Duty: WWII, funnily enough.


After being leaked, which proved to the world once and for all that leakers are gaming prophets, Activision have finally confirmed that Call of Duty will be going back to World War II.

Aptly named Call of Duty: WWII, just like Battlefield 5 was called Battlefield 1 because naming games is hard, little else was shared apart from the announcement that it was happening. A livestream on the 26th of April will discuss the game in greater detail.

Sledgehammer Games will be helming Call of Duty: World War II and best of luck to them. Gamers aren’t exactly in love with Call of Duty like they once were, but I am keeping an open mind. As soon as I see a Winston Churchill DLC voice pack, though, I am out.

Elsewhere in the Call of Duty universe, Activision discussed their plans for a cinematic universe. Black Ops 2 was also added to the Xbox One’s backwards compatible library.


Here was my verdict on Infinite Warfare, the most recent Call of Duty game:

“The fine execution of space combat saves Infinite Warfare from its own myopic, fun-free multiplayer. It offers glimpses of greatness that are trapped in the series’ well-worn conventions. The fanbase may approve of this iteration, but it’s hard to recommend IW over its more competent and worthwhile peers.”


Get paid.