5 Biggest Movies of August 2016: The Killing Joke, Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Joker
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So, with July halfway gone let’s see what the biggest films of August 2016 have on offer for us. Not every movie being released is on the list, but hey, read the title. It’s what’s going to get you pumped to go see the most, so let’s do this!


1. Sausage Party

The newest animation ensemble hits theatres soon and talk about the cream of the crop (obligatory food pun) in comedic talent. It’s basically a who’s who of popular comedy actors in this movie.

The plot revolves around the concept of food being sentient beings and humans as the evil Giants who wish to eat them. Now as bonkers as that sounds, if you haven’t seen the trailer, check it out.

If you don’t chuckle at least once then seek medical help to attach a funny bone or maybe you feel sorry for the food? In which case, lighten up, it’s just a film. And you know they look tasty.

It seems to be a growing trend nowadays to be giving inanimate or non human characters life/sentience in movies. With the current financial success of the Secret Life Of Pets,  I’m sure this film will be hoping to jump on board the gravy (2nd terrible food pun) train.


2. Batman: The Killing Joke


A film that was supposed to have a one night screening but due to popular demand is now having news of a wider release. Fans have been wanting this to happen since, well, the comic was first published.

What made fans even more anxious to see the film was the news that Mark Hamill was returning as the clown prince of crime and Kevin Conroy as the Dark Knight.

Anyone who’s read the comic will know how dark and gruesome the story gets but also the fascinating possible origin of The Joker being told is a big draw. Remember he always prefers it to be multiple choice.

I for one already have my ticket pre-booked to see this and I can’t wait to see one of my favourite Batman/Joker stories on the big screen.


3. The Shallows

The Shallows movie
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Blake Lively in a swimsuit, need I say more? Oh, you’re still reading? Ok then. Blake Lively in a swimsuit with a shark attacking her. That’s the guys sorted. For the girls, it’s a chance to see a strong female lead fighting for survival with only her wits to help her.

It’s been a long time since we had a good shark film. Apart from the obvious contender for best shark film ever and one of the best films ever we’ve mainly had guilty pleasure films to enjoy.

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However, the buzz around The Shallows is mainly positive, and have you seen how amazing that shark looks? It’s all CGI apparently, but it looks incredible.

This may be another one to stop people from going back into the water, but at the same time getting them back into theatres to enjoy a great survival film.


4. David Brent: Life On The Road

David Brent film
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“He’s back!” Brent exclaims in the first trailer released for the film. The marketing around this film has been unique to say the least.

We have the David Brent film on its way whilst also being fed singles of the upcoming real life album being released. Yes really, it’s lead singer David Brent’s band Foregone Conclusion who will be treating us to an album of soon to be classics such as Lady Gypsy.

Now obviously if you never got around to seeing The Office, if not why not? Then it seems you can still enjoy this film for what it is. For fans of Gervais’ humour and particularly his ‘Brentisms’, this looks like it’s going to be another comedy gem for the man from Reading.


5. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

My most anticipated movie of next month and one of my stand-outs for the year. I cannot wait to see this film. A new Joker, a never been done before Harley, characters we’ve never seen on the big screen before and oh, Affleck back as the Bat!

Unlike the marketing for Batman v Superman, the plot of this movie has thankfully remained fairly secret. Early press screenings and pre-embargo reactions to the film have been massively positive so far.

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Now we all know that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be great, but come on, the use of Bohemian Rhapsody alone got my ticket money!

In a year where there have been mixed reactions to comic book films, this looks to be giving us something just a little bit different and fresh for a change. Hopefully this will set the trend for more inventive and original concepts in the increasingly repetitive superhero genre.

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