Best Warzone Controller Settings: Sensitivity, Layout & More

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Best Warzone Controller Settings
Best Warzone Controller Settings

Call of Duty: Warzone is a very competitive game, especially thanks to the cross play between PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you’re playing on console, you probably need to make sure your Warzone controller settings are the best they can be to have a chance of matching up against mouse and keyboard players.

The settings you’ll find below have been cribbed from the top Warzone controller players, including the likes of Nickmercs and Nadeshot. We’ve switched some things around to personalise them to our own tastes, so don’t be afraid to do the same.

From the best keybinds to the ideal sensitivity for aiming, here are all of the Warzone settings we recommend for players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S, and Xbox One, and even those who are using a controller on PC.

Best Warzone Controller Layout
Best Warzone Sensitivity Settings
Best Warzone Weapons Settings
Best Warzone Movement Settings

Best Warzone Controller Layout

Warzone Bounty Contract
Warzone Bounty Contract

Jump/Mantle: X/A
Crouch/Prone/Slide: Circle/B
Use/Reload: Square/X
Switch Weapon: Triangle/Y
Use Tactical Equipment: L1/LB
Use Lethal Equipment: R1/RB
Fire Weapon: R2/RT
Sprint/Tactical Sprint/Steady Aim/Change Zoom: L3/LS
Melee: R3/RS
Map: Touchpad/Change View
Scoreboard: Options/Menu
Armor Plate: Triangle/Y (hold)
Inventory: Down
Toggle Firing Mode: Left
Ping/Mark: Up

This isn’t too much of a change from the default, those are already pretty good as far as how intuitive they are. Controls for Warzone aren’t as complex as they are for some of the other competitive shooters out there, but you may want to mix up your melee input.

Best Warzone Sensitivity Settings

Warzone recon contracts
Warzone recon

BR Button Layout: Tactical
Stick Layout Preset: Default
Deadzone: 0.10
Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 6
Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 6
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (Low Zoom): 1.00
ADS Sensitivity Multiplier (High Zoom): 1.25
Aim Response Curve Type: Standard
Controller Vibration: Disabled

The sensitivity settings for Warzone are really dependent on what you prefer, but it’s worth noting that a lot of the top controller players don’t depend on high sens to aim. This gives them better precision, which, while perhaps slower than high sens, allows far better long distance engagement.

As for your deadzone settings, this really depends on how responsive your controller is generally. If your controller is quite old, it may suffer from more drift, meaning that you may have to up the deadzone.

Best Warzone Weapons Settings

Warzone gulag
Warzone gulag

Aim Assist: Standard
Weapon Mount Activation: Double-Tap ADS
Weapon Mount Movement Exit: Enabled
Aim Down Sight Behavior: Hold
Equipment Behavior: Hold
Use/Reload Behavior: Contextual Tap
Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: Enabled

There are a few different aim assist settings in Warzone, but Standard offers the closest to the classic CoD feel.

Contextual Tap for reloading and opening crates and the like can shave off previous miliseconds than normal, so it’s absolutely worth trying out.

Best Warzone Movement Settings

Warzone Recon
Warzone Recon

Slide Behavior: Tap
Auto Move Forward: Disabled
Automatic Sprint: Automatic Tactical Sprint
Vehicle Camera Recent: Enabled
Parachute Auto-Deploy: Enabled

These movement settings are all based on speed and making you hold inputs as little as possible. Sliding with a tap takes out some of the annoyance of your character just crouching instead, while Automatic Tactical Sprint gives you pressing forward without the need to constantly hold forward.

These may be some of the most helpful controller settings for Warzone out of all of them, despite how simple they are.

Do You Need A Scuf For Warzone?

Warzone Controller Settings
Warzone Controller Settings SCUF

Controller makers like Scuf have made a huge impact with the rise of battle royale games in general. While they make sense for something like Fortnite, they are less essential for more straightforward shooters like Apex and Call of Duty.

Scuf controllers are designed to give players better precision with adjustable hair triggers and removable trigger covers that allows for deeper customisation, but unless you are taking Warzone very seriously, it’s quite the steep investment. An improved grip, interchangeable thumbsticks, and weight control are all other benefits of getting

Button remapping also isn’t something that’s really all that applicable to Warzone. We can see the purpose of remapping reload or melee to the paddles, but the game’s inputs are not that complex overall. That said, if you’re looking to save milliseconds when pressing square to reload and don’t want to use “claw”, it does save finger ache and some time to use paddles instead.

Ultimately, just how seriously you take Warzone and how good you want to be should define if you pick up a Scuf controller or not. Paying more than £100/$100 for a controller for a free game that you play casually may be a bit of a stretch for some.

Call of Duty: Warzone is a free FPS game available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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