Best Fortnite Creative Aim Training Courses & Codes (January 2023)

Fortnite Aim Training Codes
Fortnite Aim Training Codes

When playing video games, aiming can be one of the most difficult skills to master. In fact, poor aim is one of the main problems new competitive shooter players experience. Bots are one thing, but this issue becomes glaringly obvious when sparring against other gamers in a PvP match, which is why so many try out Fortnite aim training courses in Creative.

Throwing yourself into Battle Royale matches over and over can seem fruitless when your aim isn’t up to par. Luckily, there are ways to improve your performance and get practice. After all, practice makes perfect, but don’t expect to become the next SypherPK over night.

Thanks to Fortnite Creative, there are several player-created aim training courses to help gamers heighten their aim. We’ve found the best aim training courses and codes players can use to work on various combat skills across Chapter 4, including their aim.


Fortnite Creative Aim Training Courses

Skaavok Aim Training

Creative Code: 8022-6842-4965

Skaavok Aim Training, designed by DONWOZI_BTW, is one of the most popular Fortnite Creative courses for training your aim. It was updated for Chapter 3 with improved scenarios that allow players to practice their aim without falling behind.

This comprehensive aim training map allows gamers to practice against targets, bots, and other players. When in the map’s lobby, you’ll be able to choose your weapon, game mode, and settings.

There are various options, including time trials, free play, warm-ups, and PvP. Skaavok Aim Training is incredibly versatile, providing the ability to improve your overall combat skills while also training your aim.

You’re in charge of how and what you want to practice. Whether you’re the freshest noob or a seasoned player, you can benefit from this aim training map.


Chicken Aim Practice

Chicken Aim Practice
Chicken Aim Practice

Creative Code: 2544-9478-3276

Chicken Aim Practice was created by Declan2205 and is a straightforward aim training course. In this map, you’ll go up against another player.

You’ll need to aim at chickens as they jump back and forth between different bounce pads. This may seem silly, but Chicken Aim Practice provides a well-designed way to train your aim in no time.

Playing this map over and over will greatly improve your aiming and shooting skills. As targets get smaller, accuracy tends to greatly decrease. This aim training course focuses on countering that problem.

Chicken Aim Practice is both entertaining and useful. It can also be time-consuming, but with the amount of aim practice you’ll get, it’s worth it.


Aim Island

Creative Code: 9354-4652-0704

Aim Island was meticulously designed by Teadoh, one of Fortnite’s most popular map creators. It’s an incredibly reliable aim training course and one of the best currently available.

The map offers a wide variety of weapons and challenges for gamers trying to improve their aim. In fact, there are 16 different aim drills provided, enabling players to become accustomed to many situations they’ll experience in Battle Royale matches.

Aim Island was updated to include the latest weapons and mechanics found in Fortnite. The course is an open-world experience where players can train in a way that best suits their needs. Gamers can choose whichever aim practice they require using whatever weapon they choose.

There’s also an option to compete and train alongside gaming friends, allowing players to have fun while training their aim. Aim Island even has customizable drills to hone in on the areas you need to work on most.


Trickshot Death Run – Got Aim Pt. 3

Trickshot Death Run - Got Aim Pt. 3
Trickshot Death Run – Got Aim Pt. 3

Creative Code: 2732-3053-0999

Trickshot Death Run – Got Aim Pt. 3 is the latest addition to a series of trickshot maps that focus on Fortnite aim training. It was designed by Old_Wiking and is definitely quite the challenge.

If you’re up to this challenge, Trickshot Death Run gives you a chance to test your skills in a different type of aim training experience. Players have to complete trick shots to progress through the course on their own.

This map goes beyond basic aim training and helps to improve both your aim and your reaction speed. By playing this map, you’ll get the training you need to make those insanely masterful shots that are sometimes needed in rare scenarios. Trickshot Death Run is particularly great for practicing your aim while moving, which is a difficult aspect many players struggle with.

Players can choose the challenge they want and gradually make their way to the truly intense ones. There are various trick shots to practice and several parts to each challenge, and this Fortnite Creative aim training course is especially great for seasoned gamers who want their skills to become even better.


Elite Squad

Creative Code: 0631-4923-5407

Elite Squad, created by Jerkan, is an aim training map that players can play solo or with friends. You and your potential crew are stuck on a spaceship together and are waiting to arrive at your destination.

While you’re on your journey, you can take part in various games that’ll improve your aim and accuracy through minigames that are found on the ship. Altogether there are 6 separate shooting games, including a build fight and gun game.

This map provides a casual aim training experience that includes competitive aspects and is tons of fun to play. It’s a great option for those who want to play alongside their gaming buddies while also working to improve their combat skills and aim.


Warm-Up Chapter 3

Creative Code: 9235-5574-0144

Warm-Up Chapter 3 was designed by Auron-79 and is one of the newer aim training courses currently available. However, it’s become extremely popular among gamers in the small amount of time it’s been around.

Simply put, Warm-Up Chapter 3 is great for players trying to train their aim. Gamers can also practice other useful skills to help prepare for those intense Battle Royale matches by using the various options and features offered.

This Fortnite aim training map includes aim training courses, edit courses, box fights, and other fun and useful courses. It’s got the latest Fortnite guns and equipment so players can continue their training with up-to-date materials. Warm-Up Chapter 3 is definitely a contender for being the top warm-up map for any season.

Fortnite is free-to-play on PC via the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android.

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