Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – Where to Take Korok Seeds (Hestu Location)

Korok Seeds
Korok Seeds

Some say that people have only just recuperated from the ordeal of collecting them all in Breath of the Wild, but The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom proves that Nintendo are masochists. Korok Seeds are back, and you’ve got a whole bunch of them to collect once again. But where do you take them once you’ve collected them?

Korok Seeds are generally earned in TOTK for helping out the tired Koroks across Hyrule by getting them to their friend, or by finding the hidden Koroks by completing puzzles. You can amass quite the collection of Korok Seeds quite early into the game.

To spend all your Korok Seeds, you need to find the also returning Hestu, who can initially be found cowering before a tree near Lindor’s Brow in Hyrule Ridge, just to the south of the Skyview Tower there.

TOTK Hestu location
TOTK Hestu location

Talk to him, then he will tell you that he’s scared of a tree in the distance, starting the extremely brief Hestu’s Concerns side quest. If you haven’t encountered these yet, these trees are basically less personable ents and will attack you when you get close. Use your axe to get rid of them fairly easily. Return to Hestu and he will thank you by accepting your Korok Seeds in exchange for increasing your inventory space for the following:

– Bow
– Weapons
– Shields

He does a little dance and everything to celebrate the transaction.

Korok Seeds
Korok Seeds

An interesting note with Korok Seeds: each time you upgrade a specific space, it will require one Korok Seed extra. So if your first upgrade of bow space is 1 Korok Seed, the next will be 2, and then 3, and so on.

After you upgrade your inventory space by spending your Korok Seeds two times at this location, Hestu will then move on to mooching around in random spots in Lookout Landing in Central Hyrule.

You can continue to ply him with Korok Seeds in Lookout Landing until he eventually moves on once again to Korok Forest in the Lost Woods after you have accessed it. Find him there from that point in the game for the rest of time, hopefully.

Need more guidance with TOTK? We’ve put together a whole host of guides, including how to unlock the tricky Popla Foothills Skyview Tower and also where you can find the Hylian Shield.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now on Switch.

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