Is the WWE Main Roster Ready for Asuka?

And, more importantly, should Asuka be going to Raw or Smackdown?


Alongside Bobby Roode, Asuka is carrying NXT. They are the Bayley and Finn Balor of 2017.

Asuka is NXT’s longest reigning champion of any kind, is still undefeated and, despite showing signs of a turn to the dark side, she remains as popular as ever. A star of Asuka’s kind cannot be contained in NXT forever, though, as her promotion to the main roster appears to be imminent.


Does she leave undefeated?

Bayley and Asuka
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Asuka has surpassed Goldberg with her undefeated streak at well over 170. Watch out, Brock, you’re next!

As good as leaving undefeated for Asuka would be, it does nothing for the NXT women’s division, someone has to be “ready for Asuka”.

It appears that her current storyline is leading towards her losing the title as she is starting to become cocky, has no time for interviews and has begun to take shortcuts, but, to be fair, does still seem to love the fans, or so it seems. However as seen in her match with Ember Moon there are chinks in her armour, you just have to know where to look.

Will the sun always shine greater than the moon? Something tells me no. At NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3, it will be Ember’s time – she will be the 1 in 181 and 1…or something like that. A competitive final match where Asuka just barely loses and where there is no rematch is the best option.


Raw or Smackdown?

Raw Smackdown Live

While it would be thrilling to see Asuka take on Becky or Charlotte and while she would likely do extremely well under Smackdown booking, Raw needs her more. Their women’s division is in need of an injection of another star.

Imagine Alexa Bliss celebrating another win, saying how no one can beat her, standing on a podium perhaps only for Asuka’s music to hit (I’m going full Kurt vs Shane, King of the Ring storyline here). Wouldn’t’ that be glorious? As an aside, I’m sure Bobby Roode is coming up too, off to Smackdown to interrupt AJ Styles, also standing on a podium.


Does she win the women’s championship straight away?

Alexa Bliss raw
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If Asuka must give up that undefeated streak, she needs to rebound quickly, essentially, she needs a Finn Balor level arrival, she needs to win every match leading up to her big title match at the next pay per view. Perhaps defeating the unstoppable Alexa Bliss. Ever notice the parallels between Bliss and Roman? Well, they’re there, guys.


Will Asuka be a top star?

Bayley and Asuka
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Asuka was rumoured to have been originally brought to NXT to help the younger talents, but she was the one who became the star of the show. Whether this was always the real plan or not is hard to tell but she clearly has all the tools to be a megastar; she is charismatic, the fans love her (despite a somewhat heelish turn), is a great wrestler, and between her amazing look and kick-ass music, what’s not to love? She can also help bring in that much sought after international audience.

Asuka is going to be a star because that’s all she knows how to be. Don’t worry about NXT, though: it has a women’s tournament on the way and something tells me there will be a few stars out of that.


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