Wrestling News: Elias Samson Name Change, WWE UK Show In Trouble?

Vinny Mac hates long names, apparently.


Elias… Samson?
Here we are in another slow news week for WWE fans, what with NJPW taking most of the headlines with the thrilling G1 Tournament (which you should definitely go and check out if you haven’t started already).

But if there’s anything to talk about today, it’s Elias. Yeah, just Elias now.

For some bizarre reason, Vince and his team of creative writers have particular issue with surnames – as has become somewhat of a tradition, Elias Samson is the latest victim of having their name shortened to something a little more convenient. Big E Langston, Alexander Rusev, Antonio Cesaro, all now known under names that are slightly less mouthfullish. The man now known as Elias joins them.

Personally I think it actually works a lot better for him, Elias adds to the sinister nature of his ‘Drifter’ character and kind of has a touch of hipster to it as well to match the acoustic guitar and scarf.

Coming off of a bit feud with Finn Balor, perhaps this is a sign of creative faith in Elias? Maybe we’ll be seeing more from him in the coming future, who knows?


WWE’s UK Network Show on Ice
The last time we saw or heard of the UK Championship scene was the previous post-Takeover NXT taping, in which newly crowned champ Pete Dunne defeated Danny Burch. Since then, things have gone pretty silent, aside from the occasional UK title defence on British indie turf. There was a time not long ago where things were gearing up for the weekly UK Network show, in which the British lads would be given the spotlight on a more regular basis, however significant time has passed, and it seems interest from WWE officials is dwindling.

It has been confirmed that plans for the weekly episodes have been put on ice for now, with intentions for the UK title being strictly kept to NXT, WWE-approved indys and Takeover specials.

Hopefully they’ll push for plans to resume once demand picks up, for now the WWE UK title remains one of the most intriguing aspects of the mainstream, with the small handful of broadcasted title matches all managing to steal their respective shows. In the meantime, Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate and the rest of the gang can enjoy the influx of independent and international bookings coming their way.


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