Woof, Anthem Is Embarrassingly Cheap On PS4 Right Now

£6 for a AAA game that came out this year, woof.


Anthem, the newest game from BioWare, has found itself at possibly its lowest price yet, not even a year following release. It came out in February, if you can believe it.

If you hop on over to The Game Collection in the UK right now, you can pick it up for a grand total of £5.95. That’s roughly 85% off its RRP, only nine months after launch.

Anthem The Game Collection

While many were hardly besotted by Anthem before its launch, it did actually go on to post some pretty decent sales, being the best selling game of its launch month. That still wasn’t enough for EA, mind you.

So how is it so cheap these days, have the sales stagnated that much? Could it be that retailers were just overloaded with retail copies because of inaccurate sales projections? Whatever the case, the playerbase for Anthem is hardly significant these days, so maybe EA are prepared to cut their losses to get more players through the door.

With whispers circulating that Anthem is going to be in for a big overhaul, maybe you’d be far wiser to buy-in to the Anthem experience at this point, rather than the fools among us who bought it day one, flew around for a bit, and then quickly got bored.

Look, I really liked the flying, okay.

From our Anthem review:

Though the core gameplay loop of getting better loot will undoubtedly hook players in, Anthem currently doesn’t offer enough original content to make the investment worth it.

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