Weekend Box Office: Infinity War Takes More Records

Infinity War 1 Dr Strange
Credit: Marvel/Disney

Domination isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe, but… ah, fuck it. Disney/Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War took #1 in its sophomore weekend, snapping (eye roll) $114.77 million for a suitably titanic $453.11 million domestic haul. Infinity War’s decline (-55.5%) is roughly in line with Marvel offerings – better than 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron (-59.4%) and 2016’s Captain America: Civil War (-59.5%), but behind 2012’s The Avengers (-50.3%) and this February’s Black Panther (-44.7%). In fact, it’s nearly identical to both Guardians of the Galaxy films (-55.3% and -55.5%, respectively).

It was easy to think Infinity War’s drop would be softer ala Black Panther, considering this movie’s been difficult to predict and it’s also been doing super well, thank you. Still, it notched the second-highest second weekend gross ever, behind 2015’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($149.2 million), which had the benefit of Christmas on a Friday, and it’ll be smooth sailing until Fox’s Deadpool 2 barges in in a couple weeks’ time. Thus far, Infinity War is pacing +17.7% ahead of the first Avengers at the same point in release – a pattern, if held, that gives Infinity War a $733.7 million final tally – and +11% ahead of Black Panther. Barring a total collapse next weekend, Infinity War’s still on track for well over $650 million.

Internationally, Avengers: Infinity War collected $162.6 million from 54 markets. Overseas cume is $714.6m and its global stash stands at a towering $1.167 billion, becoming the fastest film to cross the $1 billion milestone (11 days, beating ol’ friend The Force Awakens’ 12 days). Russia was the big new market this frame and Infinity War made an entrance, taking the highest opening ever in the territory ($17.6m). Top markets for Infinity War are South Korea ($69.1m), the U.K. ($67.2m), Mexico ($48.7m), Brazil ($44.3m), and India ($35.7m). Presales for Infinity War in China are glowing, with some speculation that the movie will eclipse the $200m mark in its 3-day debut.

Opening in second, Lionsgate/Pantelion’s Overboard, a remake of a not-beloved ’80s flick (so don’t get all bothered), performed rather decently, earning $14.71m from 1,623 venues ($9,064 per-theatre average). That’s the highest debut for a Eugenio Derbez collaboration with Pantelion, eclipsing last year’s How to Be a Latin Lover ($12.25m). Critics haven’t taken to the movie, what with its 31% score on Rotten Tomatoes (avg. critic score being 4.4/10 from >50 reviews), but Derbez has a large following, Anna Faris is a familiar face, and Pantelion has done well as a brand for Hispanic-oriented fare. Look for this to close over/under Latin Lover’s $32.15m haul.

There are no international numbers to report for Overboard.

a quiet place

At number three, Paramount’s A Quiet Place fell a light -29.5% to gross $7.76m in its fifth weekend. Domestic tally for the acclaimed horror is $160.06m, eclipsing 2000’s What Lies Beneath to become the fourth-highest grossing supernatural horror movie in the U.S./Canada. Thus far, A Quiet Place is pacing +7.8% ahead of last year’s horror darling Get Out at the same point in release. Maintaining that lead from here on out gives Quiet Place a $189.8m final tally. Absolutely fantastic, especially when accounting for its relatively cheap $17m production cost.

Overseas, A Quiet Place spooked $4.1m from 57 markets for a $95.4m cume. Global for the John Krasinski-helmed flick is $255.46m. Top markets are the U.K. ($15.1m), Australia ($8.6m), Mexico ($7.5m), Brazil ($6.9m), and Germany ($3.3m).

In fourth, STX’s I Feel Pretty grossed $5.05m (-38.2%) in its third frame for an okay $37.95m domestic haul. The latest Amy Schumer comedy is playing -5.8% behind last year’s Snatched at the same point in release, but I Feel Pretty has had notably better holds. All in all, I Feel Pretty should surpass Snatched eventually ($45.85m).

Internationally, I Feel Pretty has earned $8.25m, led by Australia ($5.6m) and the U.K. ($1.7m), for a $46.2m global total.

Rampage movie

Saving a bit of face after collapsing against Infinity War, Warner Bros.’ Rampage smashed $4.64m (-35.6%) in its fourth frame. Domestic tally for the Dwayne Johnson monster flick is $84.8m and should end up somewhere above $90m when the dust’s settled. Given the overseas numbers, Rampage isn’t doing bad when considering its $120m budget.

Speaking of overseas, Rampage grossed $13.7m from 63 markets for overseas and global totals of $294m and $378.8m, respectively. Top markets are China ($150.8m), Mexico ($12.4m), the U.K. ($11.8m), South Korea ($11.2m), and Malaysia ($7.2m).

Outside the top five, Jason Reitman’s latest film Tully – starring Charlize Theron and penned by Diablo Cody – didn’t generate too much buzz with $3.28m from 1,353 venues ($2,426 per-theatre average). That’s a similar number to the team’s previous collaboration, 2011’s Young Adult, which debuted with $3.4m from 986 hubs after seeing a limited release. Don’t expect Tully to go farther (if at all) than Young Adult ($16.31m) by run’s end.

Outside the top ten, Dean Devlin’s Bad Samaritan, starring David Tennant, completely fumbled with $1.73m from 2,007 venues ($860 per-theatre average). That’s the eighth-worst debut for a movie opening in over 2,000 hubs and it won’t play much longer. A shame, since it apparently isn’t terrible.



Black Panther

7. Black Panther (Disney) – $3.25 million (-31.3%), $693.24m cume
8. Truth or Dare (Universal) – $1.89 million (-42.2%), $38.24m cume
9. Super Troopers 2 (Fox) – $1.87 million (-49.8%), $25.5m cume
10. Blockers (Universal) – $1.75 million (-41.1%), $56.22m cume

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