Where to Watch Evil Dead Rise Online (UPDATED)

Evil Dead Rise
Evil Dead Rise

UPDATE: Evil Dead Rise will be available for home viewership on select digital platforms from May 9th, 2023, while collectors can get their hands on the movie physically on Blu-Ray and 4K from June 27.

ORIGINAL STORY: It’s been a ten year wait for a new cinematic outing in the Evil Dead franchise following 2013’s blood-splattered reimagining, with a TV show and video game in-between to keep fans happy. Enter Evil Dead Rise, a brand new sequel in the series written and directed by Lee Cronin. With its wide release to cinemas on April 21st, 2023, Warner Bros and New Line are hoping that fans will flock to the cinema to support horror heritage, but for those who can’t get to a theater or would prefer to catch new movies at home, you’re probably wondering how you can watch Evil Dead Rise online.

Unfortunately, nothing has been set in stone regarding a home release for Evil Dead Rise, as it won’t be available to rent/stream concurrently with its box office release, meaning that some fans will have to wait to see if it rises to the occasion. However, as a Warner Bros release, Evil Dead Rise will definitely be coming to HBO Max (soon to be just Max) as well as rental services like Prime Video, but it’s really a case of when.

For a conservative estimate, look for a July-August 2023 home release for Evil Dead Rise. This follows the pattern of Warner Bros releases typically taking 45+ days to hit home streaming, which gives movies enough time to get every penny out of the box office that they can. Studios will very rarely announce home video releases too far ahead of time to try and make sure people go to the theater more, so an Evil Dead Rise home release will probably only be announced just as it’s about to happen.

As for rental, Evil Dead Rise will probably be available as a home premiere on services like Prime Video within a few weeks (if not sooner) of its box office release. Expect to pay £15/$20 or so to rent the movie as a home premiere to begin with, with the price dropping after it finishes its theatrical run.


About Evil Dead Rise

Evil Dead Rise isn’t a grand reimagining of the franchise that has been grossing viewers out for decades, which is really what all fans could hope for. The Evil Dead formula (buckets of gore to almost slapstick degrees) works for a good reason.

In Evil Dead Rise, the action is transported from the woods to the inner city, as a young family encounter the Necronomicon and unwittingly unleash its evil. Two sisters’ reunion is taken to dramatic (and bloody) heights in a high rise building when one of them becomes a deadite, with all of the horrible sights that that usually entails in an Evil Dead movie.

Starring Alyssa Sutherland and as the sisters with a supporting cast of relative unknowns, Evil Dead Rise has so far been a critical hit, and will almost certain recoup its slim budget of $15 million, which is remarkably less money than what Evil Dead 2013 cost to make at $17 million. Here’s hoping it’s not another ten years until Evil Dead hits the big screen again.

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