Vincenzo: Season 2 – Everything You Should Know

20 episodes an hour long each just weren't enough


It’s hard to find a good mafia story these days, and the ones that are out there just aren’t as long as you hoped they were. Netflix’s latest crime K-drama Vincenzo, however, proved to be the answer to all our prayers. Packed with humor, action, and 20 episodes each over an hour long, this chronicle of an Italian lawyer with a notorious background became one of the finest binges in recent times.

But all good things do come to an end, or stop at least, and that’s exactly the case with Vincenzo: Season 2. The series was a huge success for Netflix and continues to rank within the most watched shows monthly, but despite that, the renewal status of the show remains in limbo. The showrunners have shown interest in exploring the universe further, although they haven’t confirmed a continuation. Even so, if you’d like to know more about the potential second season, here’s everything we know so far.


When Is Vincenzo: Season 2 Coming Out?

Unfortunately, Vincenzo: Season 2 has no release date as a second season isn’t in the works. There has also been no official announcement indicating that a second season will happen any time soon either, although the cast and screenwriter have hinted at the prospect in many of their interviews.

The series might not have been as big of a sensation as Squid Game to get a guaranteed new season, but it frequently tops the charts among the most watched K-dramas on Netflix, and generally all-around. It has been over 2 years since the show finished airing, and most of us expected Vincenzo: Season 2 would be out by now, but that doesn’t seem likely to happen even in the near future.

If somehow the show was to get renewed in the coming months, it would take at least another year to wrap up production. At the earliest you could see Vincenzo: Season 2 be released in late 2025 on Netflix, which is still too optimistic keeping in mind the circumstances.


Who Is In The Cast of Vincenzo: Season 2?

There are going to be a bunch of new actors in Vincenzo: Season 2 if it ever happens, but since there’s no way of knowing who that may include, let’s take a look at the cast members who will return for sure. There can’t be a Vincenzo continuation without the title character, so if nothing else, Song Joong-ki will be back to portray Vincenzo Cassano once again.

Jeon Yeo-been will likely reprise her role as the eccentric lawyer Hong Cha-young, and Yoon Byung-hee as Nam Joo-sung, Jipuragi Law Firm’s legal assistant. Vincenzo: Season 2 could take us to new locations and introduce tougher bad guys to stop, but without the Geumga Plaza characters, the show would be incomplete.

So also anticipate Choi Young-Joon to return as Cho Young-woon, Choi Deok-moon as Tak Hong-shik, Kim Hyung-mook as Toto, Lee Hang-na as Kwak Hee-soo, and all the remaining tenants as their respective characters as well. It’s upsetting that Vincenzo: Season 2 isn’t out already, but keep in mind, the first season had 20 episodes over an hour long each, which is lots of content if we’re being honest. Other shows like Alice in Borderland don’t get that much watch time in two seasons combined, so let’s just be grateful for what we have, and keep cheering on for a sequel.

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