Netflix’s Kingdom: Season 3 – Everything You Should Know

Kingdom has had a fantastic run, and odds are a third season is on its way

Kingdom Netflix
Kingdom Netflix

The Walking Dead, All of Us Are Dead, and iZombie, all are wonderful shows that try to innovate the zombie genre, but let’s be honest, the repetitive present-day setting was getting kind of tiring. Fortunately, Netflix picked up on that shortcoming and created Kingdom, a zombie apocalypse K-drama set during the 16th century. Not plagued by the annoyance of modern-day technology, the show’s two seasons felt like a breath of fresh air, but it’s been a while since then, and Kingdom: Season 3 is all that fans are wondering about.

Alas, we may have had a stroke of bad luck because Kingdom: Season 3 hasn’t been officially announced by Netflix yet. There’s no reason why, but one factor might be that there are already plenty of zombie K-dramas coming up like All of Us Are Dead: Season 2, and Sweet Home: Season 2, so Netflix might be holding off on some of its shows. Regardless, here’s everything you need to know about the highly anticipated third season.


When Is Kingdom: Season 3 Coming Out?

Kingdom: Season 3 does not have a release date as the series is yet to be renewed for a third season. That may sound disappointing, but you should take into account that a 90-minute-long special episode was released in 2021, so even though there’s no formal confirmation for a third season, Netflix isn’t planning on canceling the series anytime soon.

Although there’s no word on Kingdom: Season 3, another special episode featuring the Crown Prince is rumored to be in the works. The episode won’t be a sequel story, but will instead focus on the Crown Prince’s origins — at least that’s what the latest hearsay suggests.

The special episode is also reportedly going to be released in 2023. If that ends up being the case, then a third season of the fan-favorite zombie K-drama shouldn’t be that far behind. Considering Netflix’s upcoming roster of K-dramas for 2023 looks stacked, a likely release date for Kingdom: Season 3 might fall between late 2024 and 2025.


Who Is In The Cast of Kingdom: Season 3?

The cast for Kingdom: Season 3 hasn’t been revealed as well, but it’s a given that most of the main characters will be back. That includes Ju Ji-hoon who will return to portray Crown Prince Lee Chang once again. There’s also a possibility that if any new characters are introduced in the rumored special episode featuring the Crown Prince, then they might be seen in the next season too.

Bae Doona will also reprise her role as the series’ female lead Seo-bi, along with Kim Sung-kyu who you’ll catch once again playing the no-nonsense warrior Yeong-shin. The prequel special episode which was released in 2021, Ashin of the North, followed the titular character Ashin and her hand in causing the initial outbreak.

Taking her backstory into perspective and the fact that she’s probably the overarching villain of the series, you’re definitely going to see a lot more of Jun Ji-hyun‘s Ashin in Kingdom: Season 3. The universe of the show is vast, and there will be a ton of recurring supporting characters besides new ones, but until Netflix finally spills the good news, let’s just keep it at that.

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