Vikings: Season 7 – Everything You Should Know

A seventh season is out of the picture, but we've already got a sequel show to binge

Vikings show
Vikings show

Aside from Game of Thrones, the historical action series created by Michael Hirst, Vikings, was among the most watched and praised TV shows of the 2010s. Surprisingly, despite its sky-high viewership, the showrunners decided to close the book on it, and that’s left many of us wondering whether Vikings: Season 7 is on the table.

There sadly is never going to be a Vikings: Season 7 since the production settled that it was best for the show to not stretch out its welcome, so basically, it was a creative decision. Fortunately enough, a sequel series called Vikings: Valhalla is already out with multiple seasons, and there’s even more to come, so here’s everything that you need to know about it.


When Is Vikings: Season 7 Coming Out?

Vikings: Season 7 won’t be happening, so it does not have a release date to look forward to, but this doesn’t mean it’s the last time we’ll be seeing the universe. A sequel series, Vikings: Valhalla premiered in early 2022, and it continues the saga of the Norse people but in a newer light in which most of them have started converting to Christianity.

The events of Valhalla are set more than 100 years after the original and follow a new group of characters that navigate through the world for their own motives. Amazing battles and cinematography aside, the series primarily depicts the conflicts the Danes start having with their beliefs, and the series is allegedly going to show the ending of the Viking era of the world.

Valhalla continues to be going strong as a third season of it was just recently confirmed. It’s no Vikings: Season 7 in any way, even every actor is different due to the time skip, but if you’re curious to see where the story leads next then you can check it out on Netflix.


Who Is In The Cast of Vikings: Season 7?

The original show had great characters, and even greater actors who portrayed them brilliantly such as Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnik, and Alexander Ludwig, but pretty much all the main characters died by the time the final season ended, so that’s another reason why a Vikings: Season 7 felt really off to greenlight.

Vikings: Valhalla in contrast, features an ensemble cast of new actors. Sam Corlett plays one of the main roles as Leif Erikson, and Frida Gustavsson as his sister, Freydís Eiríksdóttir, both of which are among the last remaining true Vikings at the start of the series. On the other hand, Leo Suter portrays Harald Sigurdsson, a Christian prince with Dane roots.

Overall, Valhalla does a great job of being a Viking show, but when you compare it to the original, it just seems to pale in comparison to the Golden Age of the Norse. That is one more reason why fans would’ve liked to see Vikings: Season 7 instead of a sequel, but as that’s not a topic up for discussion, Valhalla seems to be the next best thing.

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