Ryan Murphy Teases Twisty the Clown Return to American Horror Story

Only as an easter egg, sadly.

Just about the only good thing Freak Show had going for it, Twisty the Clown has been one of the best characters American Horror Story has ever produced. He bowed out far too early, though, which effectively took a lot of the impetus out of the season and made everything fall kind of flat.

But he isn’t gone completely.

Show creator Ryan Murphy took to Instagram to share a still featuring the memorable clown, hinting at some kind of role in the upcoming election-themed season:

He’s Baaaaaack

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If you can read pretty heavily between the lines, Twisty will be the main villain for the new season, but if we’re being more realistic, this is just an easter egg. Quite how they would fit in a killer clown into an election remains to be seen, but then again, the whole thing is a bit of a circus.

The actor who played Twisty, John Carroll Lynch, actually turned up in Hotel as another famous clown, John Wayne Gacy. There’s nothing to suggest he’s joined the cast for the new season, but just watch this space.


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