Top 5 Best Animes of 2015

Top 5 Best Animes of 2015

4. Noragami

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Quite simply, I love this show and so far season 2 hasn’t disappointed. It’s fun, beautifully animated, fresh and delightfully bittersweet. It follows the adventures of Yato, a tracksuit wearing minor God, his regalia Yukine and a seemingly normal high school girl, Hiyori. Well, if you can class a normal girl as one with the ability to lose her body and who can go between the world of the spirits and the living.

Hiyori is a refreshingly capable female lead who is able to hold her own even against someone as outlandish and gloriously delusional as Yato. But this anime has a lot more going for it than characters we care about. Noragami allows itself to have fun without getting bogged down in what could be a very heavy subject matter; that of life, death, spirituality and the spaces between. It make something as intangible as the spirit world and the after life interesting.

I’ve never watched anything where the balance between light and dark was so perfect. Even in the afterlife there is darkness and as we watch our beloved little trio grow we can’t help but hope that they find a way to stay together forever but I fear all good things must come to an end. But let’s hope that isn’t for at least another few seasons.

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