Top 5 Best Animes of 2015

Top 5 Best Animes of 2015

1. Gangsta.

Image source: YouTube

What’s that you say, the anime world needs something like a Japanese version of a classic mafia movie like The Godfather? Look no further, Gangsta has arrived.

This show has it all action, crime, drama and well drawn characters. It’s a very refreshing concept amongst all of the high school and fantasy shows that are prevalent in anime. Gangsta revolves around two men who work for both the mob and the police force doing the jobs that no one else can.

This show is dark and gritty and everything you could want from a crime drama let alone an anime. We cleverly see into the daily lives of both Nic and Worick. Both have disturbing pasts that have shaped the characters we are presented with. It’s this wonderful rendering of surprisingly human characters and the use of a usually underused genre within anime that really makes this one to watch.

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