Top 5 Best Animes of 2015

Top 5 Best Animes of 2015

3. Kaichouwa wa Maid-sama!

Misaki and Usui
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A show about a highschool girl who works in a maid café after school. How can this be anything but cheesy and awful? I have to admit that was my thought too until I actually started watching. This is a shojo anime with a difference. That difference being our heroine is a kickass, strong, independent woman who doesn’t need any man! But she ends up sort of accidentally falling for him any way, obviously. And our beautiful bishonen isn’t just a pretty face either, he has plenty of hidden depths, too.

Don’t miss out on the fun and genuine sweet romance this show has to offer because you judge it by the concept. Misaki is ashamed that she has to work as a maid to help her family and Usui, instead of revealing her secret to the whole school, decides to become a regular at the café. Usui and Misaki are genuinely one of my favourite anime couples and all because they are fully developed and three dimensional unlike a lot of boring, underdeveloped shojo characters. You’re rooting for them from the get go and Maid-Sama! doesn’t disappoint on the plot front either. Both characters have very different home lives and both are explored in a sensitive way without ever descending into full blown melodrama.

Nothing about the character development or the story is rushed. The love story also never gets boring and the constant change of the pace and subject matter of each episode keeps things fresh and exciting. So go on and lose yourself in the guiltiest of anime pleasures.

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