The Wolf Among Us 2: Story, Platforms & What You Need To Know

The Wolf Among Us 2
The Wolf Among Us 2

Back in 2013, Telltale Games released a thrilling and gruesome video game in the form of The Wolf Among Us. Serving as the prequel to the DC Comic “Fables,” its mature take on folklore and its compelling mysteries gave players a story to remember. Today, fans await the return of Bigby Wolf as the release of The Wolf Among Us 2 draws near.

That’s right, The Wolf Among Us 2 will finally be released after all these years. It won’t be long until you get to choose your outcomes once again as the big bad wolf. If you’re excited to play it, here’s everything you need to know about The Wolf Among Us 2, along with its release window, story, and the platforms it’ll be available on.


When Is The Wolf Among Us 2 Coming Out?

According to its trailer, The Wolf Among Us 2 will come out in 2023. However, the exact release date hasn’t been revealed yet, so we’ll update you as soon as an announcement is made. It’s also likely that The Wolf Among Us 2 will be released episodically, just like its predecessor.

If the developers stick with the format, The Wolf Among Us 2 will also presumably feature 5 episodes, each having 90 minutes worth of content. Not all episodes will be available on release, so you’ll have to wait a couple of months before the next episode drops.


What Is The Wolf Among Us 2 About?

Not much is known about the story of The Wolf Among Us 2 since both trailers barely gave away important plot points. Nonetheless, it still gives us a general idea of what to expect.

For instance, Bigby is no longer the sheriff of Fabletown because he’s now a private investigator in the sequel. The trailer also shows him dealing with anger management issues again as he tries to maintain his human form.

The story will also pick up where it left off, wherein Snow White is now the deputy mayor of Fabletown. She can be heard in the initial announcement trailer asking Bigby to help her. It’s also likely that you’ll get to encounter new characters from other fables. Alternative versions of The Wizard of Oz characters, such as Tin Man and Scarecrow, were already featured in the latest trailer.


What Platform Is The Wolf Among Us 2 On?

According to the developer’s website, The Wolf Among Us 2 will be available on PC and consoles. The game already has a page on the Epic Games Store before release, but there are no signs of a Steam page.

The Wolf Among Us 2 will also be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X & S. It’s unclear whether or not the sequel will be released on Switch and mobile devices.


Who Is Developing The Wolf Among Us 2?

The Wolf Among Us 2 will be developed by Telltale Games while being assisted by AdHoc Studio, which consists of former Telltale employees who worked on the first game. Despite the studio closure in 2018, Telltale is finally coming back after its assets were purchased by LCG Entertainment.

The original voice actors of Bigby (Adam Harrington) and Snow White (Erin Yvette) will also be returning for the sequel. With Telltale and previous team members looking to prove themselves with their comeback, The Wolf Among Us 2 is definitely a video game you should look out for in 2023.

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