Tekken 8 Roster: All Confirmed Characters & Who To Expect

Iron Fist Tournament 8 is looking stacked.

Tekken 8
Tekken 8

As soon as it was announced, Tekken 8 shot up to the top of the most anticipated games list for a lot players, and the more footage that Bandai Namco have shown of their upcoming fighting game, the more excited we become. All good fighting games are built by their rosters though, and Tekken is a franchise that’s had a lot of memorable characters over the years, so with that in mind, here’s all the confirmed characters for Tekken 8’s roster, along with who you can expect to be added in the future.


Tekken 8 Roster: All Confirmed Characters

In the release date trailer, it was confirmed that Tekken 8 would launch with a roster of 32 fighters. Here’s every character that’s been confirmed for Tekken 8 so far:

– Alisa Bosconovitch
– Asuka Kazama
– Azucena (brand new character)
– Bryan Fury
– Claudio Serafino
– Devil Jin
– Dragunov
– Feng
– Hwoarang
– Jack-8
– Jin Kazama
– Jun Kazama
– Kazuya Mishima
– King
– Kuma
– Lars Alexandersson
– Lee Chaolan
– Leo
– Leroy Smith
– Lili
– Ling Xiaoyu
– Marshall Law
– Nina Williams
– Panda
– Paul Phoenix
– Raven
– Reina (brand new character)
– Shaheen
– Steve Fox
– Victor Chevalier (brand new character)
– Yoshimitsu
– Zafina

We will update this when more Tekken 8 roster additions are announced.


Tekken 8 Roster: Which Characters Can We Expect?

Now that the full launch roster of 32 characters has been announced, we now have to try and guess and predict who the inevitable DLC characters for Tekken 8 will be. Predicting potential additions to the Tekken roster can be difficult, especially after Tekken 7, as a lot of legacy characters like Lei, Julia, Marduk, Armor King, Ganryu and Anna were released as DLC after the game launched. With that in mind, anybody from Tekken’s past could be making a return in Tekken 8. You know, except for Heihachi Mishima because he took a molten lava bath at the end of Tekken 7.

We can also look to the usage stats for Tekken 7 to analyse which characters players would like to see added to the game. Some of the highest played characters online in Tekken that haven’t been announced yet include Armor King and the Muay Thai newcomer Fahkumram. Considering fellow newcomer Leroy Smith has been confirmed for Tekken 8 before the game has even seen a release date, this could be a good indicator for some of the other highly used characters to appear as DLC down the line.

With a launch roster of 32 characters, the amount of classic combatants that could make an appearance is dwindling, but if Tekken 7 proved anything, it’s that Bandai have no problem making classic characters DLC releases. Hopefully, guest character Negan will make a comeback too just because I need my Tekken 7 main back in Tekken 8. Please, Bandai.

On the subject of guest characters though, the level of success that Tekken 7 experienced with guest characters like Akuma, Noctis, Geese Howard and Negan might lead Bandai to extending more invites to the King of Iron Fist Tournament. While there’s no guest characters announced for the launch roster, bringing a special guest in for a DLC Season Pass is almost a guaranteed needle mover. As for who could appear, perhaps Bandai will partner with SNK once again to bring Terry or Rock Howard into Tekken 8 as a way to promote the upcoming Garou: Mark of the Wolves sequel.

Tekken 8 is set to launch on January 26th, 2024 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X & S.

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