UPDATE: Super Mario Maker 2 Won’t Let You Play Online With Friends

Pinch of salt for the time being, people.

Super Mario maker 2

Although Super Mario Maker 2 has seen a lot of high praise recently after Nintendo allowed select outlets to experience some hands-on time with the game, not all the news has been positive. According to a report from Nintendo World, the new title will restrict online multiplayer to matchmaking with random players. Essentially this will mean that you cannot play with your friends through the Nintendo Switch’s online service.

The site spoke with a Nintendo representative at a press event who explained that Super Mario Maker 2 would only allow players to play online with randomly selected users. The spokesperson did say that this was a deliberate move to ensure that the leaderboards for the game would not be compromised by people working together with their friends to help them beat courses quicker.

GameXplain managed to receive comment from Nintendo themselves which confirmed what the representative said: you won’t be able to play online with your friends. You also won’t be able to play with a friend locally, and have two random players fill in the other empty spots either, which is a real shame.

Eyebrows have already been raised about some of the multiplayer aspects of Super Mario Maker 2. The fact that cooperative play would be restricted to local multiplayer has been known about for some time. Yet, not being able to compete in normal levels with friends is certain to frustrate many more players, especially when you consider how Nintendo has annoyed gamers for years with its meagre online services.

Regardless of whether online play with friends will be possible, Super Mario Maker 2 is set to launch on June 28th. It will feature a host of new features that include co-operative course building and a campaign story mode featuring more than 100 new levels.

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