New Super Mario Maker 2 Details: Story Mode, Multiplayer, Tools & More

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Super Mario maker 2

Yesterday, Nintendo published a special Direct focused purely on the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2, which looks to build on one of the Wii U’s crown jewels. At least with the heightened success of the Nintendo Switch, this version of the game will actually get the success it deserves. Check out the full video below.

Of course, if you don’t have 17 minutes to spare, we’ll go through some of the highlights. Firstly, for those who aren’t quite so creative, Super Mario Maker 2 will feature a fully-fledged Story Mode with over 100+ levels. Created by the experts at Nintendo, these levels will showcase the full capabilities of the Super Mario Maker 2 creation tools.

Speaking of those tools, Super Mario Maker 2 follows the classic sequel formula of “everything from the first game plus more”, as the second game will include new backgrounds like snow, desert and more, complete with new music from Koji Kondo. You can also tinker with the level settings in new, interesting ways, like switching to a night time backdrop, adjust the auto-scrolling path, creating slopes and raise/lower the levels of lava and water. Just be careful if you switch to night time, as that’ll completely change how the levels, items and enemies behave.

Super Mario 3D World has its own theme too, though it’s not interchangeable in the same way as the Super Mario Bros., SMB 3, Super Mario World and New SMB themes are. There’s a reason for that though, as the Super Mario 3D World theme has plenty of tools and abilities, such as Cat Mario, clear pipes, warp boxes, floating crates and more.

Perhaps the most exciting new feature concerns how much the sequel will focus on multiplayer. Two players can work together on one screen when making a level, as both players use Joy-Cons to create their most dastardly levels. As for the online modes, up to four players can play competitively and cooperatively on randomly generated levels. You can also link together multiple Switch machines locally, with only one machine requiring an internet connection.

With the ability to share and play levels together online, it’s no surprise that a Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required in order to enjoy these features. Fortunately, Nintendo have you covered, as they’ll be releasing a new bundle that includes Super Mario Maker 2 and 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online for $69.99, saving around $10. Even if you already have a subscription, these 12 months will stack, so if you’re an avid Super Mario Maker fan, it’ll definitely be worth paying that little bit extra.

Will you be picking up Super Mario Maker 2? Sound off in the comments below.

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