Super Crush KO Might Be The Cutest Beat ‘Em Up Ever

Batter robots to save your pet? Yeah, we're sold.

Super Crush KO

In the midst of all the craziness of E3, with bombastic announcements coming at you faster than a leaked store page getting pulled, we wanted to highlight an indie game that’s captured our imagination in less than the minute it takes for the most recent trailer to wrap up. It’s called Super Crush KO, and it might just be the cutest beat ’em up ever made. Check out the trailer below.

In Super Crush KO, you play as Karen, who has to rescue their kidnapped kitten Chubbz from a robot-commanding alien heartthrob. In order to save Chubbz, Karen must take to the streets and batter waves of robots. It’s bright, it’s silly, it’s cute and we already love it.

Of course, aesthetic is only one part of the game, and Super Crush KO looks like it’s capable under the hood too. The trailer showcases the beat ’em up and run and gun gameplay, with Karen able to launch foes with flashy combos. Karen can also learn new moves by eating junk food, which is what we wished would happen in real life. The only thing that happens to us is we get fatter.

Super Crush KO will be coming to the Nintendo Switch and Steam in Early 2020, and you can get more details on Vertex Pop’s official website. We’re incredibly excited to see more of this game over the coming months.

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