Stranger Things Are Going Down In Fortnite’s Mega Mall

Oh look, another in-game ad.

Fortnite Stranger things

As what must be the ninetieth in-game advertisement in as many days, the Stranger Things and Fortnite crossover now seems to be coming to fruition with the emergence of “portals” within the game’s Mega Mall location.

These portals take you to other portals within Mega Mall, seemingly as a nod to the Upside Down in Stranger Things. At this time of writing, they don’t do much beyond that, and it’s not clear if there will be any deeper connection than what we have now.

An LTM or set of skins is possible, but we won’t know until (presumably) July 4th, which is when the third season of Stranger Things airs on Netflix.

Mega Mall also plays host to an ice cream parlour called Scoops Ahoy, a location that Steve seems to be working at in the third season. This fuelled speculation that a crossover was inbound, and then leaks backed that up.

What’s interesting here is that Fortnite added Mega Mall for Season 9, and Stranger Things is also introducing a mall as an important location in its third season. After Epic added The Continental from John Wick alongside two guns from the movies, skins, and also the man himself’s house, you wonder how closely tied the design and advertising side is of the game when it comes time to develop a new season of Fortnite.

Hell, even Wreck-It Ralph turned up in Fortnite as a blatant ad at one point.

Stranger Things Season 3 begins tomorrow on Netflix.

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