Beckon The Horsemen: Wreck-It Ralph Is In Fortnite

We cannot escape the darkest timeline.

Fortnite Wreck-It Ralph

Continuing their relationship with Disney after the appearance of Thanos for their Infinity War crossover, it looks like Epic Games will be introducing Wreck-It Ralph to Fortnite with some players already catching sight of him in-game.

Twitch streamer mozzzyy was the first to notice the titular character during a match when he appeared briefly on-screen at Risky Reels.

And here’s another from a Twitter user:

This is some smart marketing to tie-in with the second film in the franchise, Ralph Breaks The Internet, which started airing in US cinemas yesterday. In it, Ralph appears all across the internet so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him in the Fortnite world.

The appearance had previously been hinted at by a leak in which dataminers found Ralph lurking in the game’s files.

It’s the exact same animation in-game as had already been found in the files. It’s a bit of a strange move if it’s a one-and-done, so perhaps we will see more of Ralph in the form of an LTM in which you have to wreck everything?

For those not in the know, Wreck-It Ralph follows an old video game character who meets up with other famous video game characters for plenty of nice nods and then totally loses its momentum by spending too much time in one location. Some may claim that it’s a video game movie and therefore the best video game movie of all-time, but I ain’t buying it.

Ralph Breaks The Internet is out now in cinemas with an 86% Rotten Tomatoes score.

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