Starfield: Where To Find Your Parents

Home sweet home.


RPG protagonists typically are never concerned with their own parents, unless they either die right at the start or turn out to be the main villain by the end of the game, which is why Starfield is so interesting. Players can actually go and visit their parents, hanging out at their childhood home and even finding some cute items you can decorate your ship and living spaces with. If you want to hang out with dear old mum and dad while exploring the great frontier, here’s how to find your parents in Starfield.


Starfield – Where To Find Your Parents

In order to actually have parents to find in-game in the first place, you need to activate the Kid Stuff trait while in the character creation screen. This trait allows you to visit your parents in the city of New Atlantis, with the catch being that you have to send 2% of your credits back home each week.

Once you’ve activated the trait and progressed through the game’s introductory missions, you’ll find yourself in New Atlantis on the planet of Jemison, as the newest member of the Constellation group. After becoming a member, exit The Lodge and return to the city, and you should see an Activities pop-up in the corner that’ll tell you to go visit your parents at Pioneer Tower in the Residental District. Head inside the building, go up the lift and prepare to receive a loving welcome from two well-meaning and slightly nosy parents.

Stopping by every now and again will reward you with new conversations, along with nice little bonuses like your Grandpa’s secret Meatloaf recipe, which is quite the useful consumable item when you start crafting your own gear. With benefits like that, it’s worth losing that small percentage of credits each week.


Starfield – Can You Lose The Kid Stuff Trait?

It is possible to lose the Kid Stuff trait, but there are consequences for doing so. If you talk to your dad, you can trigger the conversation option to stop sending money home. At this point, your dad will tell you that you never had to send money home, but doing so will mean that your parents will have to move away. New Atlantis is an expensive city to live in, after all, and you won’t be able to visit your parents for “a long time” if you commit to removing the trait.

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