Starfield: Where To Find Uranium


Uranium (or U) is a common resource found frequently throughout Starfield’s 1000 planets and is used in crafting various recipes that will help you on your journey.

You can find Uranium dotted across the universe, but some notable, easy-to-reach planets and moons are listed below.

    • Voss (Alpha Centauri System)
    • Hawley (Alpha Centauri System)
    • Zamka (Alpha Centauri System)
    • Danra (Narion System)
    • Grimsey (Narion System)
    • Nesoi (Olympus System)
    • Ourea (Olympus System)

When you land at these locations, you’ll want to find the Uranium deposits. Using your hand scanner is an easy way to spot the resource from afar. Mining it with your Cutter will automatically send the resource to your inventory.

If you find yourself needing large quantities of this resource, then setting up an outpost near a Uranium vein might be the best option. Placing an extractor over the vein will allow you to passively produce Uranium without lifting a finger.

Setting up some storage units will increase the yield of this resource when you return from time to time. Alternatively, you can set up cargo links between the two places, making it easier to access the supplies while you explore the galaxy.

If farming and griding don’t float your ship, then there are a few short-term solutions. You can purchase Uranium at various vendors across the settled systems if you need a few pieces to complete a crafting recipe. Several quick and easy vendors to go to early on in your playthrough are:

  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)

Additionally, you can pick up this resource from corpses and crates as you venture out across the stars. However, these are random drops and aren’t a reliable source for the material.

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