Starfield: Where To Find Titanium


Titanium (or Ti) is a rare tier 2 resource that you’ll occasionally come across during your playthrough in Starfield. You’ll need this resource for crafting a large variety of recipes, such as weapon and armour mods, research projects, and outpost structures.

The first way to farm this valuable resource is to scan various planets and moons that house Titanium. Search for Ti with the two stars next to it under the resource tab of each location to confirm that you’ve found a viable source. A few locations that you can access early in your playthrough are:

  • Titan (Sol System)
  • Pluto (Sol System)
  • Charybdis V (Charybdis System)
  • Newton V-b (Newton System)

There are various other locations you can visit, so keep your eyes fixed on the scanners. Once you arrive at any of these planets or moons, you can find Titanium scattered across the surface. When you find a Titanium deposit, pull out your Cutter to mine the resource. It will automatically deposit itself into your inventory after a successful mine.

Using the hand scanner while exploring will allow you to detect Titanium from further away, making it a viable option when scouting a planet’s surface.

Setting up an outpost near a Titanium vein is a must for those looking to farm the resource at greater yields. Simply place the required extractor over the resource, hook up a power source to it, and begin the farming process. Investing in some storage units will increase the amount of Titanium you can harvest over time.

If farming resources isn’t your thing, then there is a simpler, short-term solution. Vendors across the settled systems have Titanium to sell if you have the credits, and fortunately, you won’t need many. Here are a few vendors you can find early in your playthrough:

  • Denis Averin (Cydonia on Mars)
  • Jemison Mercantile (New Atlantis Spaceport)
  • Midtown Minerals (Akila City)
  • Mining League (Neon)
  • Trade Authority Kiosks

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