Starfield: What’s the Level Cap?

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The big appeal of playing an RPG is the power fantasy; the ability to become stronger, faster, deadlier or even just more efficient at defusing situations with conversations. Levelling up and earning new skills is what makes an RPG worth playing and the same can be said for Starfield, which offers dozens of skills that players can upgrade. Unfortunately, some RPGs spoil the fun a little bit by introducing level caps, meaning you can’t improve past a certain point, so naturally those diving into Starfield are wondering if the same is true there. This is everything you need to know about level caps in Starfield.


Starfield Level Caps Explained

In a break from tradition of usual Bethesda games, Starfield doesn’t feature a level cap of any kind, meaning you can keep levelling up and becoming more powerful for as long as there are skills to earn. This is pretty unusual for a Bethesda game, as titles like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and the Fallout games have featured a set level cap that stops the player from becoming a bit too overpowered. Still, no level cap is just more incentive to keep playing, even if you’re just an achievement hunter aiming for the Reach For The Stars achievement which is earned for reaching level 100.

While there isn’t a level cap, there are a finite amount of skills in the game, which can only be earned by levelling up. Each level up grants you one skill point, and there are 83 skills available in the game across five catagories. There are also four ranks to each skill, improving that skill’s effectiveness, and each rank up costs an additional rank point. Deducting the 3 already established skills you have from picking your character background at the start of the game, you can earn skill points all the way up to level 330. That should be at least a few hours of gameplay, right?

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