Starfield: How Many Companions Can Follow You?


Starfield has the kind of enchanting cast of characters that a lot of us have come to expect from a Bethesda game, with the action RPG seemingly doling them out one after the other. It doesn’t take too long at all before your ship can start getting a little crowded, so you will probably want to take some of the out on missions with you for some fresh air.

Unfortunately, Starfield only allows you to take one companion with you at a time with there being roughly 14 companions in total. Any companions who don’t accompany you will be in your ship as part of its crew or back at The Lodge.

The first companion you will encounter is Vasco, who will be with you briefly, and then Sarah will join you and not be able to be dismissed until a certain amount of story progress has been made. Once you’ve helped out with a few Constellation missions, she will be able to be dismissed but will then ask to stick around anyway to figure out more about the Artifacts. From this point on, you will be able to choose who you take with you and who you leave behind as crew, but it will only ever be one companion by your side.

There may be moments in the story when you will have more than one person following you, but they will leave you once the mission is completed. While this is probably disappointing news for some, especially those that like free inventory space, there will no doubt be a mod to fix this for those on PC before too long.

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Starfield is available on PC and Xbox.

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