Starfield: How to Escape Space Combat

Have you ever started a fight that you immediately regretted and wanted no part of? Okay, have you ever started a fight in space that you immediately regretted? You will no doubt have entered some scraps in Starfield that were a bit above your station, especially if you’re still flying around in your rather rudimentary spacecraft. With a bit of luck and piloting skill and luck, there’s a way for you to escape space combat with your ship intact.

To escape a situation you don’t want to be in, simply try to fast travel to another location on your Starmap. Once you select one and as long as you have power to your Grav Drive powered up, you will then start getting ready to jet away. If you are unable to use your Grav Drive, it’s either because it’s been damaged in the dogfight or you haven’t assigned it any power. If you’re playing on PC, use the directional arrows to assign power to your Grav Drive.

It will actually take a little while before your Grav Drive initalises, so you may want to try and get behind some cover as you will effectively be a sitting duck while it powers up. Try and get away from those attacking you before you boot up the Grav Drive, and if you find yourself in an unwinnable situation and keep dying over and over again, just load up an earlier save.

On the topic of moving about, if you’re stuck in place in Starfield, we have an easy fix for you.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox.

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