Starfield: Where To Find Weapon Workbenches

How much do you bench?


One of the key aspects of all Bethesda RPGs has been the ability to modify and upgrade your weapons as you progress through the game. It was present in The Elder Scrolls, it was present in Fallout, and of course, it’s present in their latest game Starfield. Players can upgrade their arsenal at one of the many weapon workbenches found in the Settled Systems, but if you’re struggling to find one, here’s how to find weapon workbenches in Starfield.


Starfield Weapon Workbenches Explained

As mentioned above, weapon workbenches can be found all over the Settled Systems, but if you need to find one in a pinch, the most reliable place to find one is at The Lodge in New Atlantis on the planet of Jemison. In the basement of The Lodge, you can find a weapon workbench, alongside other tools such as a research lab, a spacesuit workbench and more. If you can still fast travel and you don’t know of any workbenches in your area, heading back to The Lodge is always a safe bet.

That being said, fast travelling isn’t always an option due to how often players can experience encumbrance. Carrying all those resources to craft with is pretty heavy, as it turns out. In these situations, weapon workbenches are harder to come by, but if you’re in a settlement of some kind, a general rule of thumb is that there are workbenches located in shops related to what that vendor sells. Kore Kinetics in Neon, for instance, only sells guns and ammo, but there’s a weapon workbench right there.


Can You Add A Weapon Workbench To Your Ship?

Yes, it is possible to add a weapon workbench to your ship. Talk to a ship technician near the landing zone of any settlement, and they should give you the option to modify your ship. Here, you can add different habitation modules to your ship that include workbenches, with the Workshop hab being absolutely invaluable. Stick that onto your ship however you can, and you’ll have a weapon workbench with you no matter where you go.

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