Sons of the Forest: What Do Turtle Shells Do?

Sons Of The Forest Turtle Shell
Sons Of The Forest Turtle Shell

One of the very best items in the original The Forest was the Turtle Shell, a multi-purpose item that could be harvested from the many turtles that would appear around the game’s beaches. The turtles return in the sequel, Sons of the Forest, but it’s not exactly clear what the Turtle Shell does.

Turtle Shells can be harvested from any of the large, slow turtles that tend to potter about the game’s beaches. They don’t spawn all that often, but getting their shells is very easy as, you know, they are turtles and can’t get away very far. Along with some meat, you will get a Turtle Shell, but what exactly does it do? Did the poor turtle die in vain?

Sons Of The Forest

Unfortunately, Turtle Shells currently serve no discernible purpose in Sons of the Forest, despite a lot of misinformation online suggesting otherwise. Any guide that claims they have a purpose is either inaccurate or misleading. As of the very first Early Access build, they cannot be placed to collect water, crafted into a Water Collector, or used as sleds (which are now crafted by a 3D Printer).

We even tried planting four sticks ourselves to place the Turtle Shell down on top of them, but there was no option to do anything. Pressing G simply puts it back in your inventory where it sits, doing nothing. You cannot combine it with anything in your inventory, either.

Sons Of The Forest Turtle Shell
Sons Of The Forest Turtle Shell

While disappointing, the likelihood is that Endnight either forgot to include Turtle Shell mechanics or ran out of time before the belated Early Access launch. It may even be that Endnight wanted players to use the 3D Printer more and to actually bother with crafting flasks and sleds.

There’s almost no chance the Turtle Shell will continue to have no purpose for much longer, so look ahead to the next update in March for some new purpose for them.

Sons of the Forest is available on PC.

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