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SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Lazy Colts – ‘Twenty Two’

Do not take this lightly: this is one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. There are a lot of songs about being twenty two. Lazy Colts’ song of that title is like none of them. This is alt-folk at its finest.

This five minute wonder is a reflective masterpiece that’s almost comically sincere in the bigger picture. It’s a heavy, moody number looking back on the markers of a first serious relationship. The control, the endearment and the deep vocals all resonate with longing and nostalgia. But fact is that these so called defining moments are only pinpricks on the map of life when you’re twenty two.

The music’s composition is both minimalist and detailed. It never steps out of line but never retreads trodden ground. It whirls ever onward, like a dancer in a ballroom, or like the model in the music video. The video itself feels like a window into someone’s life, the most trivial activities captured so beautifully that they seem precious.

The video’s director, Sarah Adamson, said: “I saw this great opportunity to lovingly poke fun at the sincerity of the song. I had this picture in my head of a girl listening to this love song some boy had written her but not really caring as much as he thought she would.

“She’s doing all these other funny and weird things a 22 year old girl might do when bored at home by herself. She is only 22. She knows there’s nothing to really worry about.”

It’s this juxtaposition of sincerity and carefree optimism that captivated me. Real life is so perfectly captured and depicted. I haven’t enjoyed a video this much since James’ ‘Moving On’. I haven’t been moved so much by a song since The National’s ‘I Need My Girl’.

‘Twenty Two’ is taken from Lazy Colts’ forthcoming debut album. Trojan will be released of 5th August.

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